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What is a Ugandan Home Like?


In towns there is usually more wealth, and the style of houses changes. There isn't the variety of styles you might expect in a UK town, where several centuries of architecture are often represented, because most Ugandan towns are quite recent developments - and may not have existed 50 years ago.

Typical flat roof brick houses in a town

The standard brick rectangle and a flat roof style found in rural areas is the basis for more sophisticated town homes, with perhaps a larger floor area, more rooms and a better finish.

Electricity is likely to be supplied via the mains system in towns, although it is unreliable, along with mains water. Gas, if it is used, will be from bottles.

This building is home to the head teacher of a school and is typical of the upper middle class accommodation around Kampala

Modern housing designed for the rapidly expanding new rich classes is just as sophisticated as anywhere else in the world, but is both new and far too expensive for most Ugandans. The new rich homes are almost always clustered together on gated compounds with high fences and private security guards. Those that are not on compounds will have high fences or walls, strong gates, and the owners will probably employ security guards 24 hours a day.

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