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What is a Ugandan Home Like?


In rural areas water comes from the nearest river or lake, and toilets are a deep hole with a 'loo seat' built over the top. These toilets are called 'long drops' because what goes into them drops a long way to the bottom of the hole.

Toilet seat over a long drop loo. The buckets hold ash to sprinkle down the hole. This helps reduce the smells and keep the flies to a minimum. This is a 'posh' loo for tourists.

Taking a hot shower is a luxury and only tourist accommodation and expensive homes will have indoor showers. This is a typical shower arrangement used in upmarket tourist housing in the centre of Uganda. The green tank is filled from a bucket early in the morning, and warms as the sun shines throughout the day. In the early evening you take a shower with warm water.

You can see that the 'head' or water pressure wont be very much though as the water simply flows from the tank, along the pipe and out of the shower head inside the building.

Thermal water heating to provide a hot shower at the end of the day


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