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Travel Kit

The suggestions here are based not on the abundant lists to be found throughout the Internet, but on hard experience backpacking across Uganda and India, and living 'on the rough side' on three different continents. The guide is, therefore, a mix of useful items for back packers, gap year students, volunteers and independent travelers. If you are staying in hotels or traveling with an organised group, you may find some gems here, but consult with your travel arrangers for the rest.

I am not intending to list the obvious things like your passport, but to concentrate on the items that make life safer, easier and more comfortable, and occasionally can make life a long lasting feature rather than something about to come to an abrupt halt!

Click on highlighted items to read the accompanying words of wisdom...

Travel Bag
Torch / Light
Travel Towel
Sewing Kit
Document Wallet
First Aid Kit
Mosquito Net
Electrical Adaptors
Ziplock Bags
Sleeping Bag Liner
Insect Spray
Insect Repellant
Toilet Roll
Credit Card
Sun Glasses
Iodine Tablets
Solar Charger
Playing Cards
Mp3 Player
Mobile Phone
 Duct Tape

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