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Schools and Aid

Although Uganda has every reason to be proud of its progress in education,health and social welfare, it is still struggling to deliver facilities that match the country's needs. A war torn past, corrupt bureaucracy and a lack of working infrastructure hamper efforts to bring education to all, despite the governments efforts to provide education to all who seek it.

Into the gap left by the state facilities, numerous organisations have stepped, offering foreign aid, self help groups, support and advice. In the area of education in particular, many projects have been set up to offer schooling to young people, often accompanied by a hot meal and shelter too.

These pages look at a few of these many projects that are helping Ugandans to get the vital education and health care that will enable them to break out of the poverty cycle and lead fulfilling and enjoyable lives.

Banunule School, Kampala

Banunule school for orphans is an excellent example of educational 'best practice' in Uganda. Based in a poor neighbourhood on the outskirts of Kampala, the school is an oasis of safety and learning, where orphans receive not just an education, but are cared for, can find friendship and receive a good cooked meal every evening...


Twekembe Slum Project, Kampala

The Twekembe Slum project is a new Ugandan based project striving to improve the living conditions for residents of a slum settlement in Naguru, Kampala


Hope Integrated Academy

Hope Integrated Academy, aims to provide a practical education that equips students with life-skills. The sensible reasoning is that once they possess key skills, the children are far more likely to succeed in life, to believe in themselves and to take responsibility for their lives.



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