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Roadside Stalls


Shopping at roadside stalls is one of the delights of Uganda. You can buy fresh produce at excellent prices and know that the whole purchase price goes to the producer of the goods.

Along the roads into larger towns you will find dozens of small stalls selling everything from metal gates and wooden beds, through to freshly cooked chickens and bananas.

In more rural locations there are fewer of the 'industry' style stalls and more stalls selling food and clothing, sometimes specialising in just one type of food, such as bananas, goat or pork.

Shopping at stalls can be daunting for some people because it's a new experience. In Western cultures our shopping has become an impersonal experience where we select goods on our own and often don't even talk to the checkout girl. Buying from a stall is different, requiring you to enter into a conversation, greet the seller, negotiate a price etc. It may seem a bit frightening but, if it does, be brave. Once you discover the fun of shopping from small stalls, you will be one step closer to being part of Uganda and understanding both the country and its people.


When buying from stalls and markets its best to have coins and low value notes of 1000 and 5000 shillings because the seller is unlikely to have change for higher value notes. It's also advisable to follow a few simple rules about health and hygiene, and be aware that not everything with a recognisable trade name will be the genuine article.


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