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Shopping in Uganda

Shopping in Uganda generally falls into two main categories. There are the supermarkets and larger 'western' style stores where a wide range of consumer goods is available, all the products have fixed prices and the layout has aisles and check outs. These shops are frequented by foreigners and the more wealthy Ugandans. These shops are only found in Kampala and the other larger towns and cities.

Most shops are smaller family or community run businesses ranging from road side piles of goods, through small stalls such as those in the picture to the left, through to small shop units with a counter but no aisles or checkouts.

If you are a traveler, or spend most of your time outside Kampala you will do much of your shopping in smaller shops where prices may be fixed or you may need to haggle.

Markets are full of stalls selling everything from padlocks and towels to beef and bicycle tyres.


For advice, tips and specific shops, select a link below.


Haggling and how to do it

What it is, why you need to know about it, and what to do.


Shopping in Kampala

Information about shopping and money changing in the capital city.

Rural Shopping

Advice for shopping in villages and small towns.


Roadside Stalls

Shopping as you travel, and doing it the local way.







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