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Essential Documents


Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate

An International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever is mandatory and entry to Uganda can be refused if you turn up without one. Certificates should be issued by your own doctor or other authorised person before you leave home.The vaccination consists of a single injection in the arm.

The certificate remains valid for 10 years, beginning 10 days after you have the vaccination, or if it is a re-vaccination within the ten year period, from the date of the new vaccination. So, one trip to the doctor will be sufficient to see you through a decade of travel. It's advisable to keep the certificate with your passport as both will need to be presented when you arrive.

In addition to being necessary for entry to the country, its worth being protected from Yellow Fever. You really don't want it to be one of your holiday memories!


Traveler's Cheques

Traveler's' cheques are accepted in the capital, Kampala, and in some other cities, but exchange rates tend to be very poor outside Kampala. Cheques should be in US dollars to avoid difficulties, although euros and GB sterling are also accepted.

Uganda has suffered from considerable traveler's' cheque fraud, with fake cheques circulating throughout the country. Most banks, forex bureaux and hotels will require proof of purchase before they will even consider cashing a cheque and even then, they will often decline to do so. Keep receipts for all your traveler's' cheque purchases and take a photocopy of the receipts too, in case the originals becomes lost.

Some banks in Kampala will accept cheques without proof of purchase, but will want to see your passport.

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