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Bungee Jumping The Nile


The Nile High bungee conforms to the latest and most strict safety standards, with experienced Bungee Masters and recovery staff, all of whom work hard to make it a safe and thrilling experience.

After a safety briefing, with both feet very firmly on the ground, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer and to mention any medical problems that may be aggravated by the jump. If all goes well, you'll be weighed and then it's up to the top of the tower.

At the top of the tower you will be sat down and attached to the bungee rope. It may look a bit basic when you have a huge bath towel and velcro straps wrapped around your ankles, but as soon as you stand up and try to move you will realise what a good tight attachment they make!

A short shuffle will bring you to the edge of the platform and you'll get your first view straight down to the Nile. It looks like a high jump platform when you gaze across at the tower from the bar, but the view from the top is altogether a different experience!

The Bungee Master will have been controlling your every move up to this point, ensuring you don't plunge off too early, but once you are poised at the edge, everything will be ready for you to commit to the jump.

At this stage it's up to you; the brave/foolish aim outwards, flex the knees and plunge off into a swan dive, the not so sure wobble a little then take the plunge, whilst the cautious and sensible stand there thinking "Why am I here?".

Bearing in mind that you will have paid good money to be there, you'll want to enjoy this moment. So, if doubts do creep into your mind, keep in mind that ...

Hundreds of people have already jumped, and not one of then has died doing it.

These people are well insured, and they are making a living from this. It's not in their interest to put you at any risk.

The philosophy behind all adventure sports is 'maximum thrill for minimum risk'. The perceived risk is high, because you know that throwing yourself off an 11 story building isn't usually a sensible thing, but this time you can do it safely and survive to tell the tale of when you fell 44m and didn't even get a scratch!

For thrill seekers the Nile bungee is an experience it would be hard to resist, especially when it's part of the wild water rafting package. And for the rest of you, watching as others jump may just convince you to give it a go.

If you want to try bungee jumping at the Nile High Camp, there are several options open to you. Firstly, you don't have to be staying at the Nile High Camp - they are on good terms with the other camps in the area such as Nile Explorers Campsite , and will even arrange transport to pick you up from Nile Explorers if you are doing the combined bungee and rafting activity for the day.

You can arrange to join the activity whilst in Kampala and they will lay on a bus to bring you up to Jinja, and back again at the end of the day or, if you prefer,you can make your own way there. You must, however, phone up first because the bungee only operates if sufficient jumpers want to have a go.

If you want to go off the top in an unusual way you should also let them know in advance - but straight forward solo and tandem jumps can be asked for when you get there.

And finally, if you do decide to have a go at the combined rafting and bungee day, remember plenty of high factor sun block (you can fry out on the water), don't wear a watch or rings, and have fun!

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