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Gap Year Providers


There are a number of companies and charities offering gap year opportunities, some specialising in particular types of volunteering and others offering a wide range of experiences around the world.

Most organisations will expect you to pay towards your gap year experience, but the amount, way of paying and percentage of the money that goes towards good causes does vary between providers.

The organisations listed here all offer opportunities in Uganda (at time of writing) and should be able to offer you advice and information. The list isn't exhaustive and it's worth looking around to see what else is on offer. The Internet, university and 6th form libraries, careers staff, churches and 'outdoor' type magazines may all point you towards information about gap year projects.

We suggest that unless you are certain of what you want, you should contact several organisations and talk to them about what you want to do and what you don't want to do. Find out what each can offer and what support / training and onsite orientation they provide before you make any decisions. Like universities and employers, each provider has a distinct style; some will suit your needs and some won't.

Obviously, its wise to be sure of everything before you commit to a year abroad, 'cos once you are there its going to be hard to change your mind!



Inter-Cultural Youth Exchange aims to promote peace, cultural understanding and youth empowerment through opportunities of international exchange and voluntary work overseas. They have a number of Ugandan projects available, together with support staff based in Kampala. ICYE has consultative status with UNESCO.

Madventurer opportunities in gap year programs provide people taking time-out over their summer a variety of fantastic volunteer and adventure travel opportunities.

Africa and Asia Venture
For motivated students and graduates of 18-24, who want to spend 3- 4 months' teaching English & Sports in Uganda.

Youth Action for Peace (YAP)
YAP is an international movement which works towards a society of justice, peace and human solidarity. It has several projects available in Uganda covering teaching, health care and nature/conservation.

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