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Consulates and Embassies in Uganda

Contact details for your embassy or consulate within Uganda are correct to the best of our knowledge. We cannot guarantee accuracy however - many of the contact details change frequently, especially email and phone numbers. To be safe, you should confirm details with your own government before arriving in Uganda.

Contact Details
Algeria Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Algeria,
Plot No. 14 Acacia Avenue, Kololo
P.O. Box 4025, Kampala
Tel. No. 232-918/232-689
Fax. No. 341-015
  Austrian Embassy in Kampala,
Crusader House, Annex 3rd Floor
3 Portal Avenue
P.O. Box 7457, Kampala
Tel. 235103/235179
Fax. 235160
Royal Belgian Embassy, Kampala
Rwenzori House, 3rd Floor Lumumba Avenue Plot 1
P.O. Box 7043, Kampala.
Tel. 00256-41-349559/569/570
Fax. 00256-41-347212
China Embassy of the People’s Republic of China,
Plot 37, Malcolm X Avenue, Kololo, Kampala
P.O. Box 4106, Kampala
Tel. 231095/259881/234058
Fax: 235087/341463
  Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo,
20, Philip Road, Kololo
P.O. Box 4972, Kampala
Tel. 250-099/232-021/230610
Fax: 340140
Cuba Embassy of the Republic of Cuba,
KAR Drive Plot 16 Lower Kololo Terrace
P.O. Box. 9226, Kampala
Tel. 233-742
Fax. 233-320/236438
Royal Danish Embassy
Plot 3, Lumumba Avenue
Postal Address: P.O.Box 11243
Tel. 256-783/256-687/
Telex: 61560 AMBADANE
Egypt Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt,
33, Kololo Hill Drive
P.O. Box 4280, Kampala
Tel. 256-41-254525/345152
Telex No. 61122 EGYPT UGA
Fax. 256-41-232103
France The French Embassy,
Plot 16, Lumumba Avenue,
P O Box 7212, Kampala
Tel. +256-41-342120, 342176, 342344/5
Fax: +256-41-341252
Germany German Embassy in Uganda
15 Philip Road, Kololo
Tel: +256 41 50 11 11
Fax: +256 41 50 11 15
India The High Commission of India,
11 Kyaddondo Road, Nakasero
P.O. Box 7040, Kampala
Tel. 256-41-259398/344631/342994
Telex. 61161
Ireland Embassy of Ireland,
Plot No. 25, Yusuf Lule Road Nakasero
P.O. Box 7791, Kampala
Tel. No. 256-41-344348, 344344, 347984, 340400
Fax: 256-41-344353
Israel Bishops Rd. Opp Fairview Hotel
P.o.Box 30354
00100 - Nairobi
Tel: 254 20 2722182
Fax: 254 20 2715966
Embassy of the Republic of Italy,
10 Lourdel Road, Nakasero
P.O. Box 4646, Kampala
Tel. 256-41-250442/250450/341786
Fax: 256-41-250448/349526
Emergency; 256-75-750448
Japan Embassy of Japan,
East African Development Bank Building,
Nile Avenue, Kampala
Tel. Nos. 256-41-349542/3/4/5
Fax. No. 256-41-349547
Kenya The High Commission of the Republic of Kenya,
Plot 41, Nakasero Road
P.O. Box 5220, Kampala
Tel. 256-41-258232/5/6
Fax. 256-41-258239
Royal Netherlands Embassy,
4th Floor, Kisozi Complex, Nakasero Lane, Kampala
P.O. Box. 7728, Kampala
Tel. 256-41-346000
Fax. 256-41-231861
Mob: 075-731859 (after working hours)
Royal Norwegian Embassy,
Plot 8a, John Babiiha Avenue
P.O. Box. 22770, Kampala
Tel. +256-41-343621/346733/340848
Fax. +256-41-343936
Mob: +256-75-703107 (Emergency)
Nigeria The High Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,
33 Nakasero Road, Kampala
P.O. Box 4338, Kampala
Tel. 256-41-233691/2
Fax. 256-41-232543
Telex 61011
Russia Embassy of the Russian Federation,
28 Malcolm X Avenue, Kololo
P.O. Box 7022, Kampala
Telex 61518 SOVPOS UG
Fax 345-798
Rwanda Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda,
Plot No. 2, Nakaima Road
Next to Uganda National Museum
P.O. Box. 2468, Kampala
Tel. 344045/333541
Fax. 258-547
South Africa High Commission of the Republic of South Africa,
Plot No. 15A Nakasero Hill Lane, Kampala
P.O. Box 22667, Kampala
Tel. 343543/44/46/60 or 031-220006/9
Fax. 348216/349867
Sweden Embassy of Sweden,
Plot no. 24 Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero
P.O. Box 22669 Kampala
Tel. No. +256-41-340970
Fax. +256-41-340979
Emergency Tel. No. 256-77-740970
Tanzania High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania,
6, Kagera Road, Nakasero
P O Box 5750, Kampala
Tel: 256-41-256272
Fax: 256-41-343973
UK (Information) (Commercial)
High Commission of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,
Plot No. 10/12, Parliament Avenue, Kampala
P.O. Box 7070, Kampala
Tel: +256-31-312000
Fax: +256-41-257304
+256-31-312281 (Visa Section)
  Embassy of the United States of America,
Plot 1577 Ggaba Road
P.O. Box 7007, Kampala
Tel. +256-41-259791/5, 234142, 233231
Fax: +256-41-259794
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