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Banunule School, Kampala


Banunule school for orphans is an excellent example of educational 'best practice' in Uganda. Based in a poor neighbourhood on the outskirts of Kampala, the school is an oasis of safety and learning, where orphans receive not just an education, but are cared for, can find friendship and receive a good cooked meal every evening.

Unlike the UK and the USA where attending school or receiving an education at home is perfectly normal, children in Uganda can't take their education for granted.

For many children, securing a place at school is a dream, something that will only happen if they are lucky and their family can find enough money to pay the fees, and buy shoes, books and pencils.



Education is the Future

In schools like Banunule the students are attending because they want to be there; they want to learn. They know that an education is the greatest single investment in their future, and they are keen to learn as much as possible whilst they have the opportunity.

Unlike in the West, where governments fund sufficient schools, pay the teachers on time, and supply the books and equipment, many Ugandan schools rely on fundraising and sponsorship. As a young Ugandan, your education may end at any time if the local school closes or your family can't find the money to keep you there.

Banunule is just one school, out of hundreds of others around the country, supported by religious organisations, foreign sponsorship or by setting term fees like a private school in the West.



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